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Karen Bacher

New international requirements for the carbon footprint of ships, sheds new light on the importance of maintenance and repair of machines.

It is now a requirement that ships traveling in international waters can document their environmental footprint, using the CII (carbon intensity indicator) *. As of 2023, this applies to all ships above 5,000 GT in the transport, the Ropax and the cruise sectors. The ships will be rated on a scale from A to E based on their imprints. That  may imply that ships classified below grade C could be refused a permission to sail....
  • A maintenance philosophy
    based on decades of expertise

    • Maintenance strategy
    • Installation and start-up
    • EX register and re-certification
    • Courses and training
  • Predictive recommendations
    for optimal operations

    • Troubleshooting
    • Root cause analysis
    • Monitoring and maintenance recommendations
    • SkAIwatch
    • Sales and installation of monitoring systems
  • The key to stable operations

    • Winding
    • VPI
    • Shaft alignment
    • Surface treatment
    • Machining, turning and welding
    • Overhauling
    • Test runs
    • Bearing replacement
    • Balancing


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Webreports is a tailor-made system that gives the customer an overview of the status of their machines in different locations

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