Hydropower – can breakdowns be predicted?

What is your company’s maintenance philosophy? Is proper maintenance carried out on time? Do you have a continuous overview of the condition and needs of your machinery, so that scarce resources can be used where they are most needed?

In the current challenging market with low power prices and low investment levels it is vital to extend the lifetime of existing machinery and equipment. With our modern toolbox, condition monitoring is perhaps the best way to monitor the equipment’s condition, detect errors at an early stage and prevent breakdowns. In short: to optimise operations.

Karsten Moholt AS is an international leader in condition monitoring. The company has worked with condition monitoring for 20 years and today it monitors electric motors, generators and propulsion machinery in a variety of industries worldwide. Together with our partners, who are also leaders in their fields, we invite you to a seminar on condition monitoring. Together we will show you the possibilities in using condition monitoring.