Bearing replacement and conversion of propulsion engines at M/V Oceanic Sirius

Karsten Moholt’s monitoring showed bearing damage on the propulsion engines of M/V Oceanic Sirius shortly before it was scheduled to sail from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe. Karsten Moholt recommended that the voyage be postponed and the bearings replaced at the dock at Galveston.

Working day and night, Karsten Moholt changed the bearings in 3 days. The bearing replacement uncovered current passage through the bearings as the root cause, and a plan was made to convert the machines at the next dry dock to eliminate the problem.

Karsten Moholt carried out the same work on Oceanic Vega at the dock in Las Palmas. This ship was also converted at the next dry dock. We also completed similar conversions of propulsion engines on board the Geo Coral and Geo Caribbean for the same shipping company.

‘The team we had on board has done a good job – they had a good attitude and behaviour through these days, remained professional all the time, were well organized and structured and therefore completed the job in time and safely.’