Online vibration analysis at Eirik Raude

The Condition Monitoring Department at Karsten Moholt has an agreement with Ocean Rig regarding an online vibration analysis system. The agreement applies to the rig Erik Raude, among others, where thrusters and drilling equipment are monitored.

Vibration sensors are installed on the machines that are to be monitored. Automatic measurements are made once every 24 hours and information sent via mail to the CM Department at Karsten Moholt. In the software system the information in the mails is automatically put in the right place in a database. The system produces an alert if any of the measurements are not within the recommended limits. Defective sensors are automatically flagged, so that they can be replaced. Karsten Moholt regularly sends reports about the condition of the machines.

By constantly monitoring the condition of the motors and gears it is much easier to detect a possible   breakdown. Regular overhaulsin a workshop are expensive and time-consuming.  . By using vibration monitoring the customer receives early notification of bearing faults and how critical these are. This makes it easier to plan an overhaul when it suits the customer, to minimise losses.