Overhaul and replacement of DC propulsion engines for Sea Launch

The Field Service Department at Karsten Moholt completed an assignment for Sea Launch in Malaysia in the winter of 2011/2012. Sea Launch is a sea-based launch system for satellites. The launches takes places on a platform previously used in the North Sea, LP Odyssey.

LP Odyssey is run by DC propulsion engines. The staff from Karsten Moholt overhauled and cleaned two of these on board. The end shields were disassembled on both engines to gain access. The brush holder rings were repaired and all the brushes were replaced and adjusted. The engine was cleaned, partly with compressed air and partly with chemicals. Only a minor oil leak was uncovered in one of the engines. All belts on the fan motors were replaced.

Two of the DC propulsion engines were replaced. The old engines were completely disassembled on board the LP Odyssey and transported in parts. The two new engines were disassembled and transported on board the LP Odyssey in parts, and then assembled. Some adjustments were made to the stators. All brush rocker rings, brush holders and brushes were installed. The gap between the brush holders and the commutators was adjusted to 2.3 mm–4.6 mm. All fans and fan motors had to be replaced after a test run due to problems with overheating and vibrations. New shunt cables were also installed.