Repair and lifetime extension of Equinor’s equipment at Hammerfest LNG

The working teams from Karsten Moholt.

September 28. 2020, there was an incident at Equinor’s LNG production facility at Melkøya near Hammerfest in Northern Norway. The production was halted for an extensive inspection and repair of the effected machinery and equipment.

The electromechanical experts of Karsten Moholt are leading the work of bringing critical rotary machines back into operation. The jobs consist of dismantling, repair, lifetime extension and reassembling the electric motors and generators that were affected by the incident. The work is performed by our world class experts in electric motors and generators.

Disassembled rotating equipment is being relocated for repair and lifetime extension at Karsten Moholt’s facilities at Askøy.

The Melkøya project is carried out in close cooperation with Aibel and Equinor, both of which contribute with their expert competencies., – a very successful collaboration!

The Karsten Moholt AS contribution to the repair and lifetime extension at Melkøya has a significant value. The project concerns electrical machinery with an estimated new production time of up to 2 years. Moreover, repair and lifetime extension reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 85% compared to new purchases!

Equinor plans to resume production at the LNG plant on Melkøya in March 2022.