We are Moreld Moholt Group

The Moreld Moholt Group consists of the four companies: Karsten Moholt, Aquamarine, Teknisk Bureau and Teknor. Agile Rig & Modules was in September merged with Karsten Moholt AS. The companies are grouped under a single management and operating model to become the customer’s preferred and sole partner in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable future. Moreld Moholt Group is a leading provider of repair services, maintenance, and life extension. Moholt Group is part of the industrial group Moreld, which was created by a merger of service companies with roots in the energy sector in the North Sea. Moholt Group is the Life-cycle division in Moreld. Moreld invests heavily in new, digital and sustainable sectors such as aquaculture, infrastructure, and offshore wind, and is developing sustainable solutions for existing oil service activities.

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