What we do

Service, repairs and lifetime extension

Karsten Moholt AS has 70 years of experience with repairs, overhauls, upgrades and lifetime extension of rotating electrical machinery. Our workshop and global presence ensure you high-quality service and maintenance based on broad expertise and with a very fast response time. We assure lifetime extension and improved performance for all your equipment.

Our workshop is the leading in Norway on low- and high-voltage motors, and can handle everything from minor overhauls and repairs to large, advanced assignments. In addition to our facilities at Askøy we travel around the world to service, repair and inspect generators, transformers and electrical motors and associated equipment in the field. Our workshop i UL, NEMKO and IECEx-approved and our personnel is certified to perform installations and maintenance in accordance with IECEx & COMPEx. All work is carried in accordance with these regulations. This means that we can take care of all your Ex equipment in our workshop and in the field.

Monitoring and analysis

Karsten Moholt collects all your data on companies, locations, machines and statuses in one place, together with reports and status history for all your machines.

We use many different techniques to monitor and analyse your equipment in order to predict when it needs maintenance. Evaluating the state of your machinery enables us to track significant changes that indicate future failure.

This is a cost-effective solution for you as a customer, and performed by our qualified personnel it can lead to a significant improvement in maintenance.


Over generations, Karsten Moholt has developed solid expertise that covers all stages of your equipment’s life cycle.

Our consulting services can solve all your challenges from designing a maintenance philosophy to purchasing and installing new equipment, modifying existing equipment, training and compliance with Ex requirements.

Our consulting services assure more efficient maintenance management and minimise maintenance costs and downtime. We make sure that all your equipment has the best conditions for optimal performance.

Electric machines design and production

Karsten Moholt calculate, design, manufacture and test tailormade motor/generator. We are making induction and permanent magnet machines.

We can offer special machines for use under water (subsea motors) or for extreme environments. The machines can be used as a motor or as a generator. We can make motors for high torque  or machines for electrical vehicle and boats.

Our machines can be designed to run at optimal speed and torque, depending on customer needs. We can design motors for voltage up to 6,6 kV. Motor can also be delivered with customized​ interface or functions.



Aquacontrol100 – Optimised maintenance for increased profitability, sustainability and maximum uptime.

Land based part of fish farming has a multitude of critical components and functions that are mission critical for the plant’s safety, uptime, profitability and environmental footprint.

With AquaControl100, Karsten Moholt offers a complete solution for optimised maintenance that will make the land based fish farming industry more profitable and sustainable.

In short, it makes the industry more competitive through better maintenance strategies.