Optimised maintenance for increased profitability, sustainability and maximum uptime

Land based part of fish farming has a multitude of critical components and functions that are mission critical for the plant’s safety, uptime, profitability and environmental footprint.

With AquaControl100, Karsten Moholt offers a complete solution for optimised maintenance that will make the land based fish farming industry more profitable and sustainable.

In short, it makes the industry more competitive through better maintenance strategies.

Good identification process = full control

The key in our trusted maintenance strategy, AquaControl100, is proper mapping of the plant. A stepped review of the total plant in which we build a picture of how
it has evolved and its current state.

This enables us to create scenarios and expected consequences in case certain components and functionalities fail.

Together with the client we will define the plant’s mission critical points and components, and put together a complete plan with maintenance actions optimised for each individual component.

Thereafter a plan will be implemented in order to avoid stops and ensure that the assets are handled in a best possible way.

We aim to follow the plant into the future with required follow-up and knowledge based service.

The end result is full control with optimised maintenance solution that extends the plant’s lifetime, maximise up-time, saves costs and improves your sustainability and welfare for the produce (fish).

Advantages AquaControl100

• Always full control
• Maximum uptime/avoidance of unforeseen interruption
• Reduced maintenance cost
• Improves plant efficiency and more energy efficient
• Increased safety and profitability
• Extended life time
• Improved environmental KPIs
• Increased production
• Reduced health risk
• “One stop shop”


AquaControl100 optimises the potential of the plant

Lifecycle improvements

Lifecycle improvements for optimal maintenance also ensures welfare for the fish.

Fishes Experience and proven theories

Experience + proven theories

Karsten Moholt has for more than 75 years worked with service and maintenance for the maritime industry. Our strategy is established through certified expertise and established maintenance theories for optimal management of facilities and assets.

Through 75 years we have built a robust corporate culture for services based on reliability and expertise. Our uncompromising goals of being innovative and solution-oriented has defined our methodology.

In close dialogue with you as a customer, we let our experience meet your needs to create profitable and sustainable solutions.

″Our passion for the topic is clear. We always seek full control and maintain all assets as if they were our own.″